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5 Independent Games For Independence Day

5 Independent Games For Independence Day

The 4th of July doesn’t mean much to us in Blighty. I’ll personally be having a curry later on, which is wonderful, but apart from that we don’t much care about it. Over the pond however our friends will be enjoying one of their most celebrated holidays, Independence Day. Now, since there won’t be any alien invasion to fight off and Bill Pullman is unavailable as a motivational speaker thanks to a double booking (seriously Bill, you need a new assistant) here are some independent games you can play on PS3 right now to get you into the spirit of things.

Castle Crashers – The Behemoth
A fine side-scrolling fighter, Castle Crashers may have been tarred with the ‘once an Xbox exclusive’ brush, but it’s still well worth your time and attention. It is however something of a time sink. Once you start levelling up your character you’ll find it difficult to walk away. And just when you think you’re done… you start with a new character and the whole business just keeps going.

Critter Crunch – Capybara Games
We’re big fans of Capybara on Play as its a developer that keeps putting out amazing content that is completely different to the last thing it made. It’s other credits include the iOS smash hit Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP as well as the excellent PSN title Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes. Critter Crunch meanwhile is one of the best puzzle games on the Network.

Braid – Number None Inc
Another one-time Xbox lover, Braid is a wonderful mix of logic puzzles, platforming, story and artistic experimentation. Some people have been accused of going a bit too far in praising Jonathan Blow for this creation, making it the standard bearer for videogames as an art form. We’ll just say it’s a lot of fun, offers a great challenge and a really cool twist at the end.

PixelJunk Monsters – Q Games

You could play either of the Shooter games if you wanted to. You could even play Racers or Eden if you’re so inclined. We would recommend going back to Monsters though as for us it was the game that put both the PixelJunk series and to some extent PSN itself on the map. This is truly brilliant downloadable game design offering just the right amount of interest and challenge to make a purchase worthwhile.

Flower – thatgamecompany
Proving hopefully once and for all that originality and innovation are not dead in the games industry Flower opened up a lot of people’s eyes to just how much more we could get from games if we wanted. It’s a tough game to pin down and is sometimes more like something you experience rather than play. Still the best way we know to relax after a tough day though.

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