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5 franchises we want on Vita

5 franchises we want on Vita

We are contractually obliged to like the Vita here at Play, but even we understand that it’s a great console burdened by a lack of must-have games. It’s a similar problem the PSP suffered on its launch, but after a few years it built up a considerable catalogue of great titles. We have faith the Vita will eventually end up in the same place, but just in case the guys in charge need a hand, here are five franchises we’d love to see on our handheld machines.


5) Mass Effect

The Vita is more than powerful enough to deliver a satisfying Mass Effect experience without making any significant sacrifices. Just imagine, the kind of involving intergalactic adventure that Bioware do so well in the palm of your hand. An episodic, ongoing new story with MMO touches would be perfect for the handy platform. We can imagine a bunch of nifty social features like sharing party members or teaming up with other players to take on tough missions. It’s the kind of game the Vita was built for, but unfortunately doesn’t seem like a priority for either EA or Bioware. We can dream.


4) The Elder Scrolls

Something that would have seemed practically impossible on past generations of handheld hardware becomes a very  tangible possibility with the processing power of Vita behind it. What better way to pass long train journeys than adventuring through the lands of Tamriel? We would be happy to settle for a port on this one Рimagine an enchanced Vita version of Morrowind! We are starting to salivate. Even better would be a brand new, unique Elder Scrolls game created specifically for the hardware, shorter missions and such to accommodate for a quick play session on the bus, and so on. Seriously though, we are onto something with that Morrowind port. Make it happen, Bethesda.


3) Dark Souls

Our love for the Souls games borders on the unhealthy, and a new entry on the Vita would essentially destroy what little of a social life we still pretend to have. Being able to play a new Dark Souls wherever in the world we are (including on the toilet) is as close to heaven on Earth as we can imagine. Honestly, we wouldn’t change much, but easier access to multiplayer features would benefit a smaller console that people traditionally player for shorter times. Keep it as hard as nails and as dark and bleak as a winter evening, and we could be talking about one of our new favourite games. YOU DIED


2) Final Fantasy

Sure, you can play old Final Fantasy games on Vita through the PS Store and FFX HD is on the way, but we want a brand-new, Vita-exclusive FF to prove what the system can do. Despite recent missteps, we still love Final Fantasy and look forward to each new installment, only to be disappointed when it plays kinda boring and the characters are all whiny and annoying. But we have faith Square Enix can turn the series back around, and a stellar handheld installment would go a great way to making it a reality. We’ve always enjoyed a great RPG on a handheld console, nothing better for sinking time into on long, relaxing holiday afternoons in the sun. An exclusive Final Fantasy would be sure to sell a few more Vitas thanks to the always-rabid fanbase. Wark!


1) Metal Gear

In the eyes of many, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was the best game on PSP, a perfect example of how to take an established franchise and remold it to better suit a handheld console. They say lightning doesn’t strike twice, but if anyone can do it again and create a killer app for Vita, it’s Kojima Productions. We know KojiPro are pretty busy right now with Ground Zeroes and whatever the hell Phantom Pain is, but after that, why not crack on with a Vita game? An evolution of the great co-op and base building features in Peace Walker with nifty new graphics and cool touch-screen features would be right up our alleys. Or, how about remakes of the original two Metal Gear games, recounting Solid Snake’s earliest adventures in shiny 3D? Yes please.

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  • Raiden93

    What about a new exclusive GTA?

  • kevin

    Here’s a novel idea ,how about some original IP made specifically for the Vita instead of ports or milked Franchises.

  • Marky

    Hey, you forgot Resident Evil 4 as port! there should be a no. 6 on this one