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5 Directors We’d Pick For Uncharted Movie


The latest buzz in Hollywood is that Sony is circling around director David O. Russell to helm the movie adaptation of Uncharted. If you don’t know that name then no worries, but he did make Three Kings and is working on Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (we like him already). It could be a good fit, but who else could make an Uncharted movie and what would it be like?

Steven Spielberg – In the hands of this legendary director Uncharted would be a traditional serial drama, probably extended to a globe-trotting trilogy. A nine-year old sidekick will be introduced in the first sequel, Drake’s father will arrive in the third film and a forth will likely take some time to be produced only for everyone to wish it never was.

Quentin Tarantino – Likely to please fans with this selection, but the final film will be a strange assortment of scenes played out in completely the wrong order (more so than in Uncharted 2 folks). It will all make some sense in the end although you’ll realise by the final credits that the entire film is actually a copy of some obscure 70’s action flick. Plus Drake will be played by Harvey Keitel, which makes no sense whatsoever.

Woody Allen – An unusual choice having never directed an action movie, so instead you’ll get to see a post-adventuring Drake, now in his late 50’s. He will be wracked with neuroses, be on the verge of leaving his wife Elana and be flirting with a much younger woman, probably played by Scarlett Johansson. He’ll wind up losing both, but reflecting on the peculiarities of modern life.

Matthew Vaughn – With the Kick-Ass and Layer Cake director at the helm Uncharted will be turned into a break-neck action extravaganza with limbs flying everywhere and blood covering the walls. And that will just be during the moments when characters are having ‘getting to know you’ conversations. Of course what will actually be happening is a smart and sassy pastiche of videogame violence and a comment on popular culture’s comfortable notions of violence.

Uwe Boll – This movie will suck!

Original story via LA Times

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  • lDEFYl

    my suggestion would be to simply not waste the time or money on making the movie, unless Naughty Dog is a strong influence on its production…but even then I’d much rather play the actual cinematic-glory the game already is

  • david

    Quentin Tarantino: Uma Thurman as Elana
    Steven Spielberg: Tom Cruise as Drake

    These are just some potential jokes not included in this article.