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5 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Bonus Game Suggestion

5 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Bonus Game Suggestion

BlackOpsAs you will all remember World At War, Treyarch’s last Call Of Duty title, had the rather divisive, but actually quite fun, Nazi Zombies mode. It was eventually so popular that Infinity Ward kept on being bugged about adding something similar to Modern Warfare 2. The compromise was probably Spec Ops in the end, but we’re expecting more, somewhat tasteless, bonus games from Treyarch this year. Here are some suggestions.

1. Companion Cuban (Bay Of Pigs) – You must carry your Companion Cuban through a series of logic puzzles and survive the disaster of the pre-Cuban Missile Crisis Pay Of Pigs incident. Of course you need to remember at all times that the Cuban will at no time stab you and in fact cannot speak.

2. Wack-A-Vietcong (Vietnam War) – This variation on Wack-A-Mole game you may remember from seaside amusement arcades involves hitting Vietcong over the head as they emerge from their tunnels. We think that definitely wins on the tasteless front.

3. Polar Bear Wrestling (Arctic Conflict) – We’re not sure what Arctic war Black Ops is referring to in its announcement trailer, but we’re thinking a little Polar Bear rumble isn’t out of the question. Perhaps you could follow it up with some seal clubbing.

4. Shock And Fore (Gulf War) – Heading back to 1990 and the so called First Gulf War, we could compete in the Kuwait PGA Tour. The courses would likely be quite hazardous, full of mines and the sand traps would be numerous. In fact it would be almost entirely sand traps.

5. Starfox Hole (Space Conflict) – Something else the Black Ops trailer shows is what appears to be an astronaut about to go up into space and thus inspired we’re thinking an on-rails shooter wouldn’t be out of the question. Perhaps terrorists have set up defensive positions on the moon and you have to take them out leading a team comprising of a Toad and a Bunny Rabbit. That would be cool.

Anyway, check out the announcement trailer –>HERE<–

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