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5 Alternative Spider-Man DLC Options

5 Alternative Spider-Man DLC Options

SMSD-IronUS retailers seem to be fighting it out at the moment as to who can offer the best pre-order incentive for Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (a game that’s generating a lot of interest). Amazon is now offering a code that unlocks Iron Spider-Man (the spidey suit designed by Tony Stark) to be used in the 2099 universe of the game. Previously GameStop announced it would be offering Cosmic Spider-Man. Surely we get a little more niche than this though?

SM-SpiderWomanSpider-Woman: Not all that niche considering she’s been around now since 1978. She’s had many incarnations, but the Jessica Drew version is probably the most unique looking, having not changed her costume since her creation. She even had her own TV show for a bit.

SM-SM2211Spider-Man 2211: Not a version of the webslinger we were all that familiar with if we’re being honest, but with four additional mechanised arms and a remit to protect the universe from Time Disruptions you would think he would fit nicely into the Shattered Dimensions world. Having said that, there’s something about this costume that we don’t trust. Don’t know what it is.

SM-1602Spider-Man 1602: All the major Marvel heroes got some retro remaking for the 1602 series and Spider-Man was no different, although he gained some of the more peculiar traits (swinging with deer is at least better than Indiana Jones and the swinging with monkeys incedent). Peter Parker became Peter Parquagh.

SM-ScarletSpiderScarlet Spider: We’re not entirely sure how popular the Scarlet Spider is, especially since he’s tied in closely with the much maligned Clone Saga, but we quite like Ben Reilly and his makeshift Spidey outfit. We think he’d be a welcome addition to the game.

SM-ZombieZombie Spider-Man: The Marvel Zombies series has proved incredibly popular, but that should be no great surprise. People love zombies. They’re practically the Care Bears of the last decade. Anyway, Zombie Spider-Man would be pretty cool, but only if adding him turns the game up on its head and you have to go around eating people.

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  • J.Damiani

    What about Spider-girl? If the games is about different realities why not the daughter from another dimension?

  • Ayryyn

    Personally, I’d like to see the Spiderboy featured in the Amalgam (Marvel/DC crossover) comics and the MC2 Spidergirl. Maybe even Spiderman: India 🙂