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5 Alternative Bond Games

5 Alternative Bond Games

JamesBondActivision has officially unveiled its new James Bond game, Blood Stone and you can  find details of that HERE. However, we already think Activision could have got Bizarre Creations working on something a little more traditional, so here are some of our suggestions.

Casinos Are Forever – Bond is tasked with apprehending the book keeper of a US west coast cell of the SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion in case you weren’t sure) in order to foil an unknown, but clearly rather dangerous plot. The chase leads Bond to Las Vegas where he attempts to bankrupt the book keeper playing snap. This takes up the majority of the game. Bond Girl: Kissy Izuki. Sexual Partners: 6

Kill Another Day: Foregoing the more action, explosion orientated slant of most Bond fair, Kill Another Day is a strict stealth game where Bond’s license to kill has been revoked. Lethal force therefore ends in game failure. As such his mission to infiltrate a rebel Russian army base using only a chopstick is one of the hardest games ever created. Bond Girl: Geri Goodnight. Sexual Partners: 0 (they all get killed too soon)

You Only Never Loved Me Twice Again – This time bending dating sim game is a new direction for the Bond franchise, focusing in on his many love interests and sexual drive rather than his abilities as a spy. The nomical story sees Bond attempt to uncover a SPECTRE agent hiding in a female only Korean collective farm community. The trouble is that the game plays out in a random time order. Bond Girl: Candy B. Undun. Sexual Partners: 15-263

The Diamonds Are Never Enough – Pushing some way into Bond’s future, 007 is now married and semi-retired. However, MI6 calls on him for one more mission in Milan where he is tasked with finding a defecting chinese scientist who may have unlocked the secret of creating diamonds out of human hair. Bond makes the error of bringing his wife with him and the game turns into a money management sim as she starts shopping in Milan, eating into Bond’s savings account. Bond Girl: Jillian Juggs. Sexual Partners: o (he’s married now, he’s not getting any)

Goldfinger Is Forever – Auric Goldfinger is alive and well as it is revealed he has discovered the secret to eternal life, a secret that MI6 would very much like to get its hands on. 007 is sent out to apprehend his arch nemesis and uncover this secret. What then unfolds is a Highlander style battle through the ages as Bond becomes immortal himself and pursues Goldfinger into the future until the end of time. Bond Girl: Faren Hite. Sexual Partners: Countless (he has an eternity to fill)

Bond game names from the Random James Bond Movie Generator

Bond girl names from What’s Your Bond Girl Name

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