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5 Alternative Ad Partners For MGS: Peace Walker

5 Alternative Ad Partners For MGS: Peace Walker


Konami announce yesterday that it was teaming up with other publishers and products to get lots of crossover brand advertising into Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. It’s not the first time that Snake has been used to promote other games or even the odd supermarket item, but Peace Walker has left few rocks unturned. There are still a few rocks we think Konami should have considered though.

SolidShavingShaved Snake: With Tiger Woods now out in the cold, Gillette needs a new poster boy and we can think of few with a better example of well managed facial hair than Naked Snake.

SolidSpecsSpeccy Snake: The man that will be Big Boss does have the unfortunate problem of being uni-ocular, but that shouldn’t be an impediment to him. Specsavers will surely be able to help him out.

SolidPeacePeaceful Snake: War and peace are big themes in the world of Metal Gear and they’re big themes to Green Peace who could probably do with some of Snake’s leadership.

SolidAssKick-Ass Snake: It’s the hottest movie out there at the moment and one we’re fairly confident Snake would enjoy a great deal. She should really be wearing his support on his chest.

SolidPlayPlay Snake: The world’s greatest PlayStation magazine doesn’t really need to be endorsed by Naked Snake, because we know he loves us, but we would appreciate this show of loyalty. He’s a good man.

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