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4oD on PS3: 5 reasons you should be excited

4oD on PS3: 5 reasons you should be excited

Reports are reporting, reportedly, that Channel 4 – one of the terrestrial commercial TV channels available in the UK, fact fans – is looking to offer their on demand service via PS3.

4oD, as the cool kids call it, would therefore accompany the BBC’s iPlayer on the dashboard and make us very happy. Why? Well, let’s explain with a list:

1. Come Dine With Me
If you do know what it is, don’t act like you don’t love a bit of the Dave Lamb Show – as we now call it. Those who don’t know: it’s a show where some strangers cook for each other at their homes. And yet, through a combination of awful people and fantastically sarcastic narration, it’s become one of the better reasons to switch off your brain in front of the gogglebox.

2. The Inbetweeners
If you haven’t already bought it on DVD, that is. Which you really should. But anyway, The Inbetweeners is the anti-Skins: a show about what actually happened in our finest years at school. Or for those of you still there, it’s what’s still going on now. Or at least this is how you’ll see it when you’re done. An unexpected comedy gem.

3. Graham Linehan’s output
Father Ted is a classic, Black Books got progressively worse but is still far better than anything BBC Three put out and The IT Crowd gets better with every episode. They’re all available on 4oD, meaning you’re getting a solid wodge of great comedy, for free.

4. Hollyo… umm… Teachers
One of those things everyone seemed to watch, yet noone seems to talk about anymore. Teachers tells the opposite story to that of The Inbetweeners, showing us that those in charge aren’t actually any better at.. well, anything, than the kids they’re supposed to look after.

5. Dead Set
Because no list is complete with a zombie-comedy TV series, as written by an ex-games journalist.

This is by no means a complete list and it’s clearly massively subjective, but it was very easy to come up with five suggestions in a short amount of time as to why this is potentially a Very Good Thing. Which makes us happy.

And, of course, you could just go and watch all of this on 4oD now, if you want. But the novelty – and convenience – factor of it possibly coming to PS3 can’t be overlooked.

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  • Conor

    It would be nice to watch it on ps3, but I don’t think it’s a problem since it’s all uploaded to YouTube too..

  • krissy

    thats rather cool

  • Joey

    Irish PSN is rubbish no tv options and we get extorted with the euro. Boo Sony.