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4 PSP games to play in the park now it’s all sunny and stuff

4 PSP games to play in the park now it’s all sunny and stuff

The sun came out the other day for the first prolonged period this year. Well, the first prolonged period where it was actually warm enough to sit outside this year. What does that mean? Well, it’s time to go sit in a park, obviously.

But as we’re all massive nerds, it’s also time to drag your PSP outside with you and try and play it under the shade of a tree while all the fit, attractive people frolic gaily around you and the wasps home in on your face for no real reason. But what games to play? Why, these, of course:

Killzone Liberation
The sometimes-forgotten little brother of the main series, Liberation is a perfect under-the-tree game. Why? Well, because I said so, that’s why. It’s a great little isometric shooter that more of you should get involved with, and you can pick it up for a fraction of £Not Much now.

It’s like a puppy in videogame form. You know how having a puppy attracts members of whichever sex it is you might be physically attracted to? LocoRoco does the same, and it doesn’t shit everywhere in your house, forcing you to rub its stupid, fat snout in it. Little bastard.

Final Fantasy Tactics
It’s as slow-paced as they come, meaning it’s ideal if you’re one of the people who wants to try and ‘socialise’ while outside. Whatever that is. You can play it a bit, then stop playing it and ‘talk’, then play a bit more. And repeat and repeat until everybody wins.

Everybody’s Golf 2
Some people like to go outside and play real golf, but they’re usually fat idiots. Why bother trying to actually be accurate and have skill when you can sit under the same tree you’ve been stinking up all day, jabbing X a few times and being the bestest golfer ever? Why bother indeed. Everybody’s Golf is brilliant.

Alright, so maybe none of these are any more ideal to play outside than they are inside, or more ideal than any other PSP game is to play in the open air. But hush down, I needed a hasty central premise for this blog. And they’re all good games.

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