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4 Games That Need To Come To PS3

4 Games That Need To Come To PS3

Minecraft, still not being on PS3, yesterday.

Minecraft on PS3 isn’t a thing, regardless of how much I write it like that to encourage “good SEO” or whatever we’re told to do. There are a lot of games that we don’t get on PS3, hard as it may be to believe. Here’s just four of them that dominate my every waking moment as I wish you could enjoy them on console. WISH HARDER.


The big one – the mother of all indie games (it’s not the mother) and mess about simulator that everybody loves (not everybody loves it). Why Minecraft on PS3 isn’t a thing yet we do not know, but we’d assume it’s down to some form of Microsoft exclusivity. Bah.

Would it work?

Yes. Because it works on 360, and PS3 is superior lolz.

Guild Wars 2

The recently-released MMO on PC has gone and made everyone go batty for it, because it’s like all the best bits of contemporary MMOs bundled together into one place and made great. Something like that. We don’t know, we’re not professional reviewers oh wait yes we are. Anyway, MMOs do work on PS3, as proven by DC Universe Online, so Guild Wars 2 on PS3 should happen. It just should.

Would it work?

It would need to be tweaked more than ArenaNet could be bothered tweaking, but in theory: yes.

Football Manager

Oh, Football Manager. We remember the time you flirted with the world of consoles, coming to Xbox 360 but not PS3. You still come to PSP and will probably end up on Vita at some point too. But never PS3. Why not? What if certain people (hello!) want to play it all the time on PC, PSP, iPad, Android and PS3 all at the same time? Hmm? What then? Sort it out, SI. Quick shout out to SortItOutSi.com, there.

Would it work?

It was a bit poo on 360, with menus that just didn’t function very well. But if it was more like the handheld version, we don’t see why not. In short: probably.


Our art guy Andy won’t shut up about this one, but then he eats really loudly too so we don’t exactly go out of our way to listen to the noises that emanate from there. “CRUNCH CRUNCH CRUNCH DayZ CRUNCH”, he says. Eventually we got wind of the excellent ArmA 2 mod and decided when it gets its standalone release it should come to PS3. Just because.

Would it work?

Again it would need some serious console UI tweaks, but yeah, why not? In short: zombies.

Maybe some (one) of these games will one day come to PS3 (Minecraft). Maybe they (it) won’t. Who knows? (We don’t)

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  • Adrian

    It is strange that Football Manager is not on the ps3, it would be great to see it on Sony’s console. Now i would love to see a modern version of Elite on ps3, but can dreams come true?