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4 Best Co-op Games On PS3

4 Best Co-op Games On PS3

Playing games with friends is always more fun than being a billy no-mates, and here are our 4 favourites when we fancy some quality gaming time with our pals.


What’s better than exploring a barren wasteland, shooting mutants and finding ever more ridiculous and powerful guns? Doing it with a friend! Borderlands and its sequel both shine the most when played with friends, and up to four of you can team up together and kick some serious ass on Pandora. With four distinct character classes, you’ll each have a specific role to play if you want to do well.


Arguably the greatest co-op party game of all time, get some friends, some plastic instruments and a copy of Rock Band or Guitar Hero and you are guaranteed a good time. Some prefer to sing, some like to shred their toy guitar, others enjoy smashing the drums. There really is something for everyone when it comes to Rock Band, and although the genre and games are no longer supported, it’s still our go-to choice when we’ve got friends over.


Played alone, Resident Evil 6 is a mediocre, slightly disappointing experience that doesn’t much feel like the Resi games we used to love. Play with a friend, however, and the tone changes entirely, the game becoming a fun co-op shooter where the awful dialogue is suddenly hilarious and the plodding pace is helped by having a mate by your site making everything less tedious. This was a game built for co-op, and it shows.


Portal 2 features an entirely original co-op campaign which features some ingenious ideas using the portal gun and other tools that would only work when two people are in play. Several people found the co-op story the most enjoyable part of Portal 2, and the single player was no slouch. While it doesn’t have a huge amount of replay value, if you and a friend have an evening spare Portal 2 is a perfect way to spend it.


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  • Guest

    Multiplats are better on the PC anyway and in case of the PS3, even the Xbox 360.

  • Neil Riley

    Resistance 2 Super Human Co-op mode beats all of the above in my view. Eight player Co-op

    Also, Kane and Lynch 2 co-op was pretty awesome too.