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3D Retrofit Games Wishlist

9600_390_sony 3D2Sony’s first range of 3D TVs are almost here and include three free games for PS3. The Bravia HX803 will be available in 40” and 46” models, will come with two pairs of 3D glasses and WipeOut HD, Pain and Super Stardust for the PS3 in 3D. There will also be a demo of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift in 3D with the TVs. However, that just got us thinking about what other PS3 we would like to see given a 3D reboot.

killzone2Killzone 2 – Greater depth of field mixed with Killzone’s superb visuals would make for a stunning experience. It would be like looking through a window into Helghan. Of course we’ve already had it confirmed that Killzone 3 will have all of this, but even so we’d like to get a little taster now.

lbpmgsLittleBigPlanet – With its three tiers of depth being able to play LBP in 3D would actually make a lot of sense. In 3D you could actually see what you’re doing better. Whether or not these features will be coming to LBP 2 is yet to be announced. We’ll be keeping our fingers crossed.

GT5betterthanGran Turismo 5 – We’ve already seen some demos of GT in 3D and we have to say it looks stunning. We’re not sure how official it all is yet though, but given the number of delays to its release we would of thought that 3D functionality was a dead cert come release.

3DdotGameHeroes3D Dot Game Heroes – Quite apart from being able to add another 3D to the title, From Software’s game would look even better in 3D, stretching back into your TV and adding a third layer of blocky goodness. It would be stunning.

HeavyRain_07Heavy Rain – Its fixed camera positions and the ARI system that Norman Jayden uses would both work really well in 3D. It would make the whole game even more stunning to look at and interact with. It sounds as if Motion control is a higher priority right now though.

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