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10 PS3 Games In 2013

10 PS3 Games In 2013

We’ve not even made it a quarter of the way into 2012 but we’re still going to look forward to what lies beyond the drunken haze of the next New Year’s Day party.

Final Fantasy XIV

It was supposed to be out by now but a disastrous release on PC put an end to that. Instead, Square-Enix threw its coat over its troubled child and quickly ushered it back into the development studio. The PC version has rolled along a rickety railroad of patches and free subscriptions while the Square-Enix engineers have hit the wonky MMORPG back into shape. A planned November release for its PlayStation 3 beta will tell us how successful that project has been.

Devil’s Third

Tomonobu Itagaki left Team Ninja in a whirlwind of lawsuits, shouting and sunglasses and he now resides at THQ where he does the same thing without the lawsuits. Devil’s Third will be his eventual release in 2013, combining Ninja Gaiden’s blood-thirsty, top-heavy action with platforming and cover mechanics. No-one really knows how the final mix will come together except for the shouty man with sunglasses at the middle of it all but Itagaki’s Ninja Gaiden and Dead Or Alive history definitely makes this intriguing.

Grand Theft Auto V

It might not come out in 2013. It might not come out in 2014. It might be out next week! It might be out by the time you’ve finished reading this sentence, in which case we’re really sorry, you best go to GAME if they’re stocking it (probably not) or space (more likely) or whichever is more convenient. We don’t think it’ll come out in 2013 but hey, until Rockstar actually says…

Patrice Desilets (Assassin’s Creed) New Title

The publicity may have went to Jade Raymond but Patrice Desilets was the creative force behind Assassin’s Creed and its sequel. He’s since departed for THQ and is said to be working on a new title which is yet to be revealed. It would be foolish to guess at what it’ll be, so it’s exactly the kind of thing we should be doing, but who knows or even cares at this point. As with Itagaki, his pedigree alone means interest will be there, regardless of what it is THQ will announce.

Respawn Entertainment’s FPS

When Infinity Ward was almost smashed into a million pieces by Activision’s legal hammers, the biggest pieces scattered and formed Respawn Entertainment, which has found a new home under EA’s banner. Respawn Entertainment is working on a FPS, so there’s going to be inevitable Call of Duty comparisons, and there seems to be goodwill on Respawn’s side as the internet is presuming the studio represents the good parts of Infinity Ward (pre-Modern Warfare 2) rather than the supposedly bad (Modern Warfare 2 and 3).


What’s happened to Rockstar’s project? No-one knows and the official site hasn’t been updated in so long, it still uses the old Spider-Man font Sony once used for PlayStation 3. We’ve seen Grand Theft Auto IV come and go, L.A. Noire come and go and Max Payne 3 about to hit the shelves but Agent? Hmmm. We’re not hopeful for an announcement at E3 given Rockstar has a fairly busy schedule with Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. Is a 2013 release on the cards? Hmmmm.

Star Trek

It hit GameInformer covers in August last year, then it disappeared. But hey, it’s got until summer 2013 next year – it can take all the time it wants (well, it can’t, but you know). It features the likeness of Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, who led Star Trek 2009 and will lead next year’s sequel, so the game will supposedly take its cue from that. The prolonged development time should ensure it’s not completely dire though.

God Of War IV

It hasn’t been announced yet even though everyone in the world knows it exists by this point, if game retailers and LinkedIn are anything to go by. There are some rumours that this will actually be for Sony’s next-gen console, which sort of makes sense because they’ll need a big IP to kick off PlayStation 4 whenever that happens, but the rumour mill has hardly been whirring with PlayStation 4 activity of late that you’d presume it would do if an announcement was due soon. So PlayStation 4 launch title? More likely to be a 2013 title.

Tekken x Street Fighter

Harada admitted at Gamescom last year that he only had three people doing R&D while his team was pre-occupied with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue, Tekken Prime for 3DS and Tekken Tag Tournament 2’s arcade release. Now, there’s Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for consoles as well, which has likely kept Tekken x Street Fighter further back on the schedule. This is the harder game out of the two crossover projects (Street Fighter x Tekken had to take moves away, Tekken x Street Fighter is going to have to add hundreds of moves to Capcom characters) so 2013 seems like a reasonable bet.

The Last Guardian

If it ever comes out, of course.

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