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10 of the best Explosions

10 of the best Explosions

Gamers have been blowing stuff up for fun since gaming began but, as you’re about to find out, explosions aren’t always fun. Just nearly always.

Fallout 3

When you see a nuclear bomb go off in the middle of a harmless peaceful settlement you’re supposed to weep tears of sorrow and despair not tears of overwhelming joy, but that’s what happens when you complete The Power Of The Atom. Probably the best gaming moment of 2008.

Mercenaries 2: World In Flames

Mercenaries 2 is altogether a bit of a ropey game. It looks rough around the edges, the physics are haphazard at best and there are loads of bizarre bugs. However, the explosions are as awesome and as next-gen as you like. Blowing up the oil rig was especially entertaining.

Red Faction: Guerrilla

Sometimes it’s not the explosions themselves you enjoy most, it’s what happens in the immediate aftermath, and the explosions in Red Faction: Guerrilla are a perfect example of this. You fire off a couple of rockets at a building – that’s fun – but the real joy is the pause while you wait for it to start collapsing.

Final Fantasy VII

There has literally never been a bigger explosion on the PlayStation than Sephiroth’s Super Nova attack. He summons a comet from outside of the galaxy which destroys half the planets in the solar system then makes the sun explode, taking the other half down with it. Officially one of the best ever things ever.


From a distance, a mushroom cloud is just a mushroom cloud. We’ve all seen that before. But what F.E.A.R. did differently was have you experience a massive, district-flattening explosion at street level. Having a wave of dust and debris rushing towards you is pretty exhilarating.

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Perhaps inspired by F.E.A.R.’s explosive climax, Infinity Ward took the same idea a stage further and had you crawling around a freshly laid wasteland, having been caught in a nuclear blast. But you’re not a genetically enhanced super soldier. You’re a normal human being. So you die.
Unsettling stuff.

Grand Theft Auto IV

There isn’t really one explosion that we’d single out for praise in Grand Theft Auto IV. It’s in this list because it features loads of explosions and they are all beautiful to behold. Especially when you die in one and everything goes all slo-mo and filtered.


Bomberman’s explosions might not be the biggest, the most realistic or the most spectacular ever seen, but in pure gameplay terms they might just be the best. Explosions haven’t been implemented in such a pure, simple and ingenious way since. That’s why it keeps getting remade.

Battlefield: Bad Company

It might not have buildings that collapse as realistically as they do in Red Faction: Guerrilla, but the bangs themselves in Battlefield: Bad Company are fantastic. They look awesome, and you always really feel shaken when something blows up nearby, largely thanks to that trademark ringing-ears effect.


Worms just goes to prove that you don’t need realistic flames and smoke, or Dolby 7.1 sound, or subtle use of controller vibration, or advanced debris physics to produce a satisfying explosion. There’s simply no substitution for sending six cartoon worms to their deaths using just one highly unstable bunch of bananas.

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