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The Epic Fails Of E3

The Epic Fails Of E3

It’s the biggest show of the year. The mecca of games. The three days that will define the year ahead for gaming and often much further. Games stake their entire reputations on how they’re presented – last year Tomb Raider got fans excited while just one room away, Hitman Absolution  had fans concerned.

So for such an important event, it’s amazing how companies get E3 so massively wrong.


Sony – Giant Enemy Crab


Microsoft – Ever Wondered What The Bottom Of An Avatar’s Shoe Looks Like?


Nintendo – Wii Music


Activision – Jamie Kennedy Has Had A Bit To Drink


Ubisoft – Mr. Caffeine


Konami – One Million Troops (though we can’t lie, this whole press conference was genius and we’d love it if Konami’s press conference was like this every year)


Fingers crossed we get at least one funny meme or video or emerge from this year’s E3…

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