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Skyrim, Hearthfire, Dawnguard, PS3: Thought For The (Fri)Day

Skyrim, Hearthfire, Dawnguard, PS3: Thought For The (Fri)Day

Dawnguard, not being on PS3, yesterday.

Skyrim’s new DLC is rumoured to be one Hearthfire, if rumblings across the interwebs are to be believed.

“What about Dawnguard?” you cry, obviously, “we really wanted to do that vampire thing that they got on Xbox 360 and PC!” you add, breathlessly. Well… umm… we might just have been forgotten about there.

There’s been no word on Dawnguard PS3 for quite a while now, with the last we heard being something like ‘it’s not good enough on PS3 yet so we’re not bringing it out yet’. We paraphrase.

But Hearthfire will surely start picking up the pace soon enough – does it mean Dawnguard is going to be quietly forgotten and left to die?

On one hand, we hope not. We want the full experience on PS3. We want everything. Well, we even want mods, but that’s unlikely to happen. But we want all the official releases.

On the other hand, Dawnguard is a bit ass, by all accounts. It’s buggy – downright broken in places – and retains little of that endearing quality that allows you to overlook these issues, as in the original Skyrim release.

Well, the original Skyrim post-lag patch.

God, this is like an abusive relationship. Skyrim PS3 does so much wrong, but we love it all the same. Maybe Hearthfire can fix that. Who knows?

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  • Joey

    These gaming industry politics retard the entire thing. Bethesda are like Microsoft’s whore. Instead of innovating to get sales they get exclusives or semi-exclusives. You’d think competition would speed up the development of the industry but, this generation, it just makes for petty squabbles over who has what DLC or title. Sad to see!

  • darran

    what the problem whit game Dawnguard for ps3

  • Andrew

    I am tired of the the new dlc comming out on the ps3 I think I will get rid of my ps3 and get a xbox there are more games on there and you do not have to wait

  • Stuart

    I honestly dont mind waiting a little longer if we get a cleaner, less buggy (and potentially cheaper) product

  • Travis

    Please freaking put it on ps3 cuz im getting sick of players that are on xbox360 just laughing their ass at ps3 players that dont have dawnguard cuz bethesda you dont even care about people that play skyrim on ps3