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Silent Hill HD Collection’s No-Patch Sets A Disturbing Precedent

Silent Hill HD Collection’s No-Patch Sets A Disturbing Precedent

Patches? Where we're going, we don't need patches! Yesterday.

The Silent Hill HD Collection has been patched on PS3 – why does it matter that the Xbox 360 version of the update has been cancelled? Why should I care – why should you, our readers, care? We’re all PlayStation all the time here.

Because, as we’re seeing increasingly with so many areas of gaming, it sets an appalling precedent. Depending on what happens as a result of this decision on the part of Konami we could see a future where companies bow to public pressure and fix the broken mess they released as a full, paid-for product. Or we could see it ignored, forgotten about and said broken messes allowed to carry on being messy and broken.

Does anybody else remember the fear people had that we were – with the advent of always-on connections for our consoles – entering a world akin to PC gaming, where games would be released half-finished and patched up to spec at a later date?

Some of us laughed at that notion. Then it happened. But hey – at least they were patching things. Fixing them. Listening to complaints and acting on them.

Now it seems some companies simply want to release something that’s broken and, as soon as it gets a little too difficult to sort it out, simply abandon it to the ether. You bought Silent Hill HD Collection on 360? Tough luck, you’re stuck with what you were given, and what you were given was dodgy at best.

I mean, at least on PC there’s the chance for fan patches or unofficial patch releases from developers going rogue (see: Anachronox, Vampire: The Masquerade etc). How are we going to see that on our closed console systems? We’re not.

Maybe it’s the platform holder. There was news recently of how Microsoft charges tens of thousands of dollars to certify a patch for release. Maybe that financial stumbling block played some part. Maybe it just isn’t worth it, monetarily, for Konami to patch Silent Hill HD Collection on 360. Maybe it makes business sense.

But we’re not a business. We’re consumers. Gamers. And once again we’re getting shafted because of machinations out of our control.

Just remember that the next time you’re paying £50 for something that might not be finished. When you’re trying to save yourself some money by purchasing second-hand, but end up being seen as a criminal by the industry. When you’re forced to pay extra for online services that get revoked a month later.

Because as much as you try and support the industry, there are times when the industry just turns around and says: “fuck you”.

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