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Red Dead Redemption looks sweet


So, I went up to Rockstar last week for a spot of lunch and a chat last week. I also got to see its latest open-world epic, the western-styled Red Dead Redemption. I can report back to you that it looks like it’s going to be amazing. Now, I can’t really go into specifics here but I thought you might like to hear some of my impressions.

Here goes.

I loved the openness of the game world. It was refreshing, after feeling a little hemmed in by GTA IV‘s comparatively claustrophobic Liberty City, to be able to see all the way to a distant horizon. This is literally an open world. Oh, and in spite of the vastness of the world, there was plenty going on – I would say that there will be loads of stuff to do while you’re going about your travels.

The actual design of the game world, at least what I saw, was spot on. It felt credible; the locations (towns, farms, bridges, haciendas) didn’t look like caricatures of their real-life counterparts but could quite easily be real. If that makes sense.

The feel and look of the game, again, was spot on. Rockstar has clearly been influenced by many sources in creating the game but it didn’t feel like I was watching a game version of A Few Dollars More or The Wild Bunch; Red Dead Redemption evokes many of the great westerns but has a quality that’s all its own.

Stunning graphics, animation and all the rest of it. Especially of the main character and the horses. There really should be more horses in games. Loved the day/night cycle. Might be the best day/night cycle in a game ever! Especially when combined with the game’s epic vistas – sunsets looked incredible.

The soundtrack I heard was mostly placeholder but one piece of music wasn’t and was great. Modern and old at the same time. Fitted the action perfectly. Oh, and the gun sound effects were great.

That’s all I can really say right now but I wanted to tell you about Red Dead Redemption because, after seeing it, it’s now high on my most-wanted-games-this-winter list. It’s going to be the kind of game that you’ll want to close the curtains, sit close to the telly, turn up the surround sound and immerse yourself in.

I can’t wait to play it.

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