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PSN Outage: Will We Get More Free Games?

PSN Outage: Will We Get More Free Games?

If you tried to do any gaming over the weekend, you’ll no doubt be aware that PSN was down for a significant time, that downtime ultimately proving to be the result of a DDoS attack.


This drew comparisons to the PSN outage of 2011, in which the network was hacked and users personal details compromised. You might remember that one of the ways in which Sony tried to say sorry for that was by giving away free games to PSN users.


Should you expect to get some more free games as the result of this latest PSN outage?


To put it bluntly, no.


It is important to realise that this latest attack on Sony’s network was not a hack. A DDoS attack is a way of overloading a system with traffic – it does not mean that a system has been compromised in the same way as PSN was in 2011.


Unlike that incident, no personal details have been accessed as a result of the attack.


So, to those that we’ve already seen asking about the possibility of getting free games, as with the PSN outage of 2011, you’re probably being too optimistic.


Given the relatively short length of the PSN outage this time around and the fact that no personal details were compromised, we would be surprised to see any free games being dished out by Sony.


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