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PS4: We’re Not Getting It Yet, We Don’t Need It Yet

PS4: We’re Not Getting It Yet, We Don’t Need It Yet

Not pictured: Sony's E3 presentation.

PS4 was not announced at E3, just as nobody except for some people who were wrong said it would be. I went over before why it would be dumb to announce the new Sony console at E3 2012, and in fact went into why I didn’t even want mention of the next generation just yet.

And guess what? E3 did a good job of backing up that mentality for me. It wasn’t a perfect show – in many ways it wasn’t even a good show – but when it came to getting me amped for what’s upcoming, it did a decent enough job. And it fortified my resolve with regards to the whole ‘sod PS4, at least for now’ thing.

The Last Of Us looks excellent – it looks like the point where a studio has really got to grips with the hardware it’s using. I can’t quite put my finger on how*, but it has something beyond Uncharted in the way it looks… it just looks better, somehow. More accomplished; more full.

Beyond: Two Souls, of course, will be special. It might be brilliant, it might be shit, but it will be special. There’s no way a Quantic Dream title can be anything but – I still talk about Omikron: The Nomad Soul on a regular basis (well, semi-regular).

Dust 514 is one of the most interesting games of this, or any, generation. I’ve said that a thousand times before though, so no need to go over the whys and hows again.

Vita might have been entirely mishandled by its parents, with Sony putting baby in the corner, as it were, but that doesn’t mean the handheld is dead or there’s nothing coming out for it. Plus it can’t be dead yet, as I still haven’t got around to buying one.

God Of War: Ascension looks… well, it looks nice. Though admittedly I don’t care much for it, I’m sure it’ll be enjoyable and it’ll justify sticking with this gen for some people, so that’s fine as it backs up my argument.

Then there are things like the superior multiformat releases – single-disc, no need for texture installs** and free online play, as well as more and more studios (EA, for example) using PS3 as lead development platform – and the way PlayStation Plus has suddenly, in one fell swoop, become essential and rendered Xbox Live Gold all but obsolete.

Yeah, it’s a positive time in this generation, at least for us in single-formate PlayStationLand.

As I said before in the article linked above, the only thing really forcing this generation’s hand is the Xbox 360 and its terribly aged, underpowered architecture, parent company that seemingly hates games, costly online service with little in the shape of benefits and reliance on faith healing as a legitimate science. There is no need for Sony to usher in the next-gen just yet.

But as soon as Microsoft does make its plans known, Sony will have to do the same. It’s the way this stupid business works, after all. But for now, what we’ve got makes me happy about what’s going on with PS3 in this generation. Yaaaay, etc.

*Fanboy genes

**Just lovely, hilarious mandatory installs, but SHHHH

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  • Rhys

    I don’t want the PS4… I’m not bored of my PS3 yet.
    (ofcourse, if i had the money for a PS4 i’d be saying ‘Bring it on!’.)

  • I just wish that mobile phones were like gaming consoles so it takes me a few years before getting a new one. I really think there is no significant leap in technology that Sony could offer and package into a PS4. I think tech geeks would just slam the PS4 if it didnt have any groundbreaking tech in it. Im happy with my PS3 and think so are a lot of other people.