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Play’s Top Ten E3 Wishlist


With E3 just around the corner, we’ve been thinking about what the big PlayStation announcements might be. Sure Sony will be talking a lot about Home, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 and Resistance 2 but what else has the company got up its sleeve? Here’s Play’s PlayStation E3 wishlist…

10 Xbox “exclusives” coming to PS3

Now that BioShock is already confirmed for PlayStation 3 this year, hopes are high that a slew of other Xbox 360 exclusives are about to jump ship and join the PlayStation line up. High on our list is the next BioShock game, Ninja Gaiden II and, now that BioWare has been bought by famously-multi-format publisher EA, Mass Effect.

9 A Great PS3 Pro Evo

Let’s face it, the first PS3 Pro Evo was a bit of a let down. Frame rate issues, glitches and gameplay problems really let the first next-gen game of the series down. Here’s hoping the next Pro Evo proves that old football adage: form is temporary, class is permanent.

8 PSP2

Bit of a long shot this one, especially with Sony’s handheld having something of a resurgence in Japan lately but it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if Sony confirmed that it was on the way. Expect features like an iPhone-like touch screen, internal flash memory and even better PS3-compatibility when it’s eventually announced.

7 In-game XMB released

This definitely happening at some point this year and we’re hoping it happens either before or during Sony’s E3. The ability to contact friends with messages while playing a game will be a huge step to catching up with Microsoft’s Live service.

6 Gran Turismo 5

Right, we’ve has the starter, now it’s time for the main course. It’ll feature cars, of that we’re sure, and it’ll be online and feature the test track from Top Gear but what other delights will Digital Polyphony have up its sleeve? Our guess is far more community features as well as many more download options. Should be amazing.

5 Rock Band 2

After seeing the latest Guitar Hero with all it studio options, it’ll be interesting to see how EA and Harmonix respond. At the very least it’ll have it’s own recording studio options (we’re guessing) but we wouldn’t be surprised if a keyboard peripheral was announced. Or even a turntable…

4 Slimline PS3

There was nothing quite like the Slimline version of the PS2 (and a hefty price cut) to give the console an injection of sales and that’s exactly what the PS3 needs. We may be a year early with this one but expect this to happen at some point in the near future.

3 Backwards compatibility is back!

There have been murmurings about this for a little while now and it would make sense: not only would it encourage more PS2 owners to upgrade to PS3 but would also enable full PS2 game downloads through the Store.

2 Sequel to Shadow Of The Colossus

Or, what Team Ico did next. A single screenshot appeared a while ago on the Team Ico website depicting, well, we couldn’t really tell what it was depicting only that it wasn’t an image from Ico or Shadow Of The Colossus. So we know that the team is working on a new project and we really can’t wait for it to be officially announced. Expect this game, whatever it turns out to be, to be beautiful, emotional and epic.

1 God Of War III

Again, we already know that this is in the works but what we don’t know is just how incredible the God Of War franchise will look on PS3 hardware. We were left hanging at the end of God Of War II, with Kratos climbing Mount Olympus to take his revenge on Zeus himself – expect this sequel to continue from here and bring Kratos’ story to a close.

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