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Play’s GTA IV review: a preview

Can’t wait for our GTA IV review to go live? Bet you can’t. Well, here’s a little taster of what to expect… The full review goes live very soon, so check back here, er, very soon!

“After leaving the McReary house, we head into Algonquin, and drive our four-man party towards the bank. A cut-scene ensues – BANG! One of our men is shot dead, adding an extra layer of tension to proceedings. We watch our fellow robbers blow open the vault, before walking into it and snatching the cash – again, a pretty simple objective. Soon after, however, the shit hits the fan to a damning extent. We’re shown a cut-scene of the events outside: a slew of police helicopters converge on our position, while their comrades on the ground swarm around the bank. Suddenly, we were in the midst of an intense firefight. Taking cover behind a wall, we opened fire on the aggressive law enforcers on the streets, wondering how Niko and company would ever find a way out. We look inside the tiny bank, before returning the camera to the wide expanse outside, at a road filled with the blood-hungry LCPD. The word intense barely describes it…

After a few minutes of slaughter, the atmosphere outside dies down to a reasonable level, and Patrick makes a run for an alley at the side of the bank. We follow, but realise that there’s still a wave of gunfire flying in from the bank’s front. By leaving the cover, Niko is seriously exposed to police heat – it’s only after terrified, desperate gunfire that the remaining police are dispatched. Having lost 75 per cent of our health, we realised that the alleyway was also infested with the law. At our most cautious, we finished the remaining officers with well-timed blindfire, as well as callous use of grenades. Once the helicopter swoops in, we started taking shots at it with our pistol, but knew it was a futile effort – Patrick told us to scramble into the subway, so we did so, much to Niko’s disliking. After eliminating the legion of police in the subway, we actually run into the underground tunnel, and emerge at the streets from a repair station. What happens then? Another police shoot-out, with more heat than ever. We sprint into a getaway vehicle, and finally escape the authority’s grasp – we bag a neat $250,000 at the end, before breathing a well-earned sigh of relief.”

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