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Play #237: A new look for a new generation

coverWhat? Play is evolving!

Yes, with PS4 now just around the corner, we decided that there was no better time to give the design and structure of Play an overhaul to bring it in line with the cool, clean style of Sony’s next-gen console. So while the mag still offers all the same great developer access, in-depth interviews and honest opinions (and all better than ever, in fact), it’s now a hell of a lot tidier and a whole lot prettier.

That’s largely thanks to the games themselves, since the new design allows us to show off PS4 games in all their 1080p glory. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and since that’s about what we can fit on a double-page spread anyway, we figured it might be nice to sometimes just let the games do the talking.

There’s all a greater shift towards flagging up and discussing PS4-centric features and mechanics. If a game uses the DualShock 4’s Touch Pad in a clever or inventive way, we’ll let you know. If there’s a second screen app for a game, we’ll explain what it can do and why you should care. If there’s a moment, mechanic or set piece that’ll send you scurrying for the Share button, we’ll give you a heads-up. We’re also keen to highlight crucial differences between PS3 and PS4 versions of cross-platform games, because there’s always more to it than simply ‘the graphics is better’.

destinySubscribers should already have their copies, plus it’s in shops now – we’d love for you to have a read and see what you make of our new look. You could always get a sneak peek over at the Imagine Shop too, plus the digital version is, as always, available for smartphones and tablets at Great Digital Mags.

You might have noticed that we’ve given the site a bit of a once-over too, again trying to clean it up for the arrival of PS4. We’ll have all the latest news, gossip, interviews and game reviews right here, so keep us bookmarked for all things PlayStation. Oh, and we’re going to be doing a lot more streaming and video content now, too – if you haven’t already, you can follow us on Twitch and YouTube to see what we’re up to.

So yeah, check out all our lovely new things while you count down the seconds until PS4 arrives and let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook – we’re always keen to hear your feedback as we want Play to be all it can be for you, the gamer. Because that’s why we exist in the first place. Enjoy, and we’ll see you online!

Luke Albigés
Deputy Editor, Play

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