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Play 181 on sale now!

Play 181 on sale now!


Blimey, if this isn’t the best issue of Play we’ve had this year, then I’ll eat my dusty Sixaxis. Of course, it’s only the best if you like PlayStation games, which we’re going to assume you do because you’re reading the Play blog.


Inside this bumper issue you’re going to find out all the latest on some superb new PS3-exclusives including Gran Turismo 5, The Last Guardian, God Of War III, Final Fantasy XIV and Uncharted 2 as well as a load of new info and screenshots on the likes of Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed II and Kojima’s latest Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid: Rising. There’s also a ton of new trailers for the games listed above on the DVD. It’s like all your Christmases have come at once.

There’s also a full report on the “PSP for the digital generation”, the PSPgo, looking at the specs of the machine and all the games that will change the PSP’s fortunes. And in other hardware-related news, we take an in-depth look at the new motion controller and show you how it’ll potentially affect the way we play our favourite genres.

There’s a load more too but we’re not going to ruin the surpriseā€¦ Get it today!

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  • connor

    i watched all of e3 and this just just seems to be the same- is it worth getting

  • bradley

    i got the mag and the DVD is great but i cant get the software for my ps3 off it although i have also tryed it on the pc it has ade no diffrence. the ps store guide is great aswell and gives lots of info on games