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More New Game + Please, Developers

More New Game + Please, Developers


Dead Space 2. Dead Rising 2. Demon’s Souls. Nier, Monster Hunter, The Darkness II. What do these games all have in common? They’re all PS3 games. The other thing, and more important to what we’re going to be talking about, is that they all boast some form of New Game +.


It might not be the most awe-inspiring development ever made, but there’s little more satisfying in gaming than finishing an enjoyable title and knowing that you can go back through it, armed to the teeth not just with your knowledge of the levels but also with all the goodies you picked up along the way.


The Darkness II is a good example of this. A short campaign finishes to let you run rampant again with all your powers. Arkham Asylum takes it one step further, plonking more missions into the world for upgraded players to interact with.


And, of course, some games are built almost entirely around starting over again. Biting the dust in Dead Rising 2 isn’t the end of the game, it’s the start of it, something that a lot of players accustomed to linear experiences maybe couldn’t quite get their heads around.


The concept of New Game + isn’t new at all but it’s something that is underappreciated and under-applied in videogames. With Military Shooter X now dropping in for an average playtime of 6 minutes, we want to see more of NG+. Forget the QA time, just do it.


‘It’ doesn’t have to be exactly what is described above: Max Payne 3’s arcade mode contains two gametypes that reapporpriate the stages of the campaign into score and time attack challenges, and is all the better for it.



So, come on developers. Embrace New Game +.  It makes us happy.

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