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Metal Gear Solid – My Top Five Moments

Metal Gear Solid – My Top Five Moments

So, I completed MGS 4 over the weekend and it got me thinking: what are the best moments of the series? Sure no list would include anything to do with the story (which reaches new heights of unplausibility in the latest installment) but the series does contain some of the greatest moments in gaming history. Here are my favourites, in reverse order.

5) Meryl blushing (MGS)

MGS topfive

I remember this making me laugh out loud (and feel a little bit pervy) at the time – when you look at Meryl through the first person view she first gets a bit coy asking Snake to, ‘stop staring at her’ and then, if you persist, turning a bright shade of red as she gets embarrassed. It’s the attention to detail that makes the MGS games so great.

4) Naked Raiden (MGS 2)

MGS topfive

Right, it’s not like I fancy him or anything, but when Raiden escapes his prison sans clothing it’s one of the funniest moments in gaming history. ‘This is a family game!’ exclaims Colonel Campbell and Raiden duly obliges by only attacking enemies with one hand, the other cupping his modesty. Seriously though, could you imagine any other game doing this kind of thing?

3) Rex Vs Ray (MGS 4)

MGS topfive

The match up we’ve all been waiting to play – Snake in Rex, Liquid in Ray in a building-destroying, bust up to the death. Well, maybe not to the death but still, it doesn’t disappoint with enough drama, action and downright Metal Gear mashing to please event the most cynical fan. Astonishing.

2) Boss Fight (MGS 3)

MGS topfive

The fight between Naked Snake and The Boss at the end of MGS 3 is probably the most poignant and emotional of the series, pitting mentor and student in a fight to the death to decide who will become Big Boss. The setting is beautiful too – the fight takes place in a field of white flowers and there’s all kinds of symbolism going on here, only I’m not entirely sure what it’s symbolizing…

1) Psycho Mantis reads my mind! (MGS)

MGS topfive

A bit obvious this one and probably on everyone’s list of best Metal Gear moments. But still, when he (the game) looks at the save data on your PSone memory card and delivers the verdict on your gaming style it’s one of the most bizarre and brilliant gaming moments ever and one that truly breaks through the ‘fourth wall’. And as for the bit where you have to put the controller in port two to prevent him reading your mind, well that’s just genius…

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  • Ben

    Very nice list, although I’d change Meryl blushing for underwear in the bathroom. 😀

    What about Liquid and Snakes driving shoot-out or the final battle on MGS4, Grey Fox saving Snake. a top 10 in needed!

  • It’s great to know that there are fans like me who played all the game in the series. One of my favorite moments was Naked Raiden in MGS2. Classic!

  • I agree that MGS is the best game saga ever but I’m sad to admit that I have NOT played MGS1 all the way through but I have played the beginning which was satisfactory.

  • Cool site, love the info.