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LittleBigPlanet beta impressions


So, we’ve had LittleBigPlanet review code in the office for a little while now and, yes, it really is as good as everyone’s saying it is. But rather than waiting for the 24 October to play it at home, I decided to get myself on the beta becauseā€¦ well, I can hardly wait to play it.

The review code revealed the game would be everything that we hoped it would be and more. But playing it at home has allowed me to sample some of the delights of the burgeoning LBP community and it hints that LittleBigPlanet is going to be something of a gaming phenomenon.

Already there are dozens of user-created levels being shared, tagged and enjoyed by my fellow beta players. It’s a bit much to ask that these be as polished as the levels designed by Media Molecule (and they aren’t) but what they do show is the level of creativity out there.

Many levels, as you would imagine, are based on other games but are not all are platform games. A few people have tried to recreate Sonic and Mario to varying degrees, but the ones that have really caught my eye are those inspired by games in other genres. WipEout HD, for example, is the inspiration for one blisteringly-fast level and the creator (I forget his ID) has made both WipEout racer and a loop-the-looping track. There’s also a great level that pays homage to Halo 3 and one inspired by Pac-Man, Asteroids and Q*Bert. There’s even a level dedicated to Shadow Of The Colossus complete with Aggro and Colossus. Brilliant.

And these aren’t even the most interesting examples of LittleBigPlanet‘s flexibility as a game-designing tool. There are a ton of just bonkers ideas (especially one where you’re in some kind of Dinosaur army) and someone has even created a rudimentary pinball table. Yes, Sackboy plays the ball.

It all bodes well for the full release and longevity of LittleBigPlanet. Now, all we need is other developers to include similar creation tools and community features in their games and we could have a new dawn of gaming at hand. LittleBigPlanet could turn out to be a watershed for this generation of console gaming.

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  • wasim

    I am sure LBP will get 100% from all website

    Why arent u reviewing LBP??

    Pelaaja Finland and OPM UK termed LBP as the BEST GAME OF ALL TIME

    and best game on PS3

    please review LBP as soon as possible

  • Nick Jones

    Hello. We’ll be reviewing LBP in the next issue of Play, on sale 30/10/08. The review will be online (probably) the week before. And yes, it’s absolutely brilliant.