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Leipzig Games Conference Next Week


Righty-ho, I’m off to Leipzig next week to take part in what’s billed as the European E3. It’s not, of course, but it is a chance to have a look at some games that weren’t shown in LA last month.

I’ll be seeing, amongst other things, Sony’s Heavy Rain (you may remember this filmic game being announced a few years ago), InFamous – again from Sony – which is a sort of ‘Crackdown with more super hero powers’ and I’ll be playing Killzone 2 multiplayer for the first time. I saw this at E3 and, if Guerilla can deliver what its E3 presentation promised, Killzone 2 could (and I stress the word ‘could’) replace Call Of Duty 4 as the PS3’s best online shooter. We shall see.

Naturally, I’ll be updating this blog as and when I see anything that’s worth telling you about, whether it’s good or bad, so check back from Wednesday for all the news.