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Last month’s release of Killzone 2 really brought out the geek in me.

Playing head-to-head with some seriously good FPS players has led me to believe that it’s probably on a par with, and some respects better than, Call Of Duty 4 as an online game. But that’s not the geeky part.

I was so impressed with Killzone 2 online that I immediately registered on Killzone.com – choosing an avatar, picking my favourite weapon and map and basically did something that I never, ever do with online games: I got involved in the community. It was only then that I spotted the ‘latest matches’ link. Curious as to what this function was, I clicked on it and to my utter amazement, it played out my last match from the previous night in a top-down map, Football Manager-style fashion.

It truly is remarkable – Killzone 2 logs each and every match played; you can then replay them to your heart’s content. Needless to say I then did the geekiest thing I’ve ever done in my life – spent my lunchtime reliving the previous night’s matches kill-for-kill with Play’s games editor Gav, who had joined me in the fun.

We sat there for a good hour commenting on the little blobs moving around the map saying things like, “Remember that? That was when we were all charging down the corridor of death and then a Helghast lobbed a grenade and killed us all!” Yes, we were reminiscing about the good time we’d had on Killzone 2.

But all this has a serious side too. Guerrilla has just invented the next big thing for online first-person shooters. With it, I imagine, clans and people who take these things far too seriously will be able to analyse each match to see what they did right and what they did wrong and basically get even better at Killzone 2. It’s a feature that other developers will no doubt want in their games and, I predict, will become as essential to the online FPS as leaderboards and character progression.


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  • That was something interesting. I have always said it that killzone 2 will be one of the very important FPS that will win new converts into the FPS genre of gaming. I have not bought the game yet but i already have it on my to-buy list. Cool stuffs you hinted there. Keep it up.

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  • El_Member

    Nice, very interesting feature. Great find man, I’ll go and check it out right away 🙂