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I’ve just finished Killzone 2 too…


Further to Gav’s post yesterday, I’m glad to report that I too have completed Killzone 2. Well, actually, I finished it on Sunday morning at 2am but I’ve allowed the experience to sink in before I posted my feelings here.

So here goes.

Starts slow but builds brilliantly to a final level that’s better than anything I’ve played in an FPS before.

Superb enemy AI but… not great partner AI. Weird.

Heavy turning/aiming takes a while to get used to but helps make the game feel different than any other shooter.

Best death animations in a game ever – makes combat compulsive, joyous and well, I looked forward to each skirmish/battle/frontal assault with relish.

Level variety is great with a mix of corridor shooting and what I could describe as ‘combat arenas’.

Cover system not only works well (mostly) but is intrinsic to the gameplay.

The guys at Guerrilla have a serious gun fetish.

Once completed, I restarted the game immediately on a harder difficulty setting and enjoyed it even more. But that was probably down to me knowing exactly how to approach the game second time around.

Red things go boom!

That’s all I’m willing to give away at the moment but we’ll be recording a podcast later today where Killzone 2 will be a large part of the discussion. Should be up on iTunes soon. You can also read Play‘s review of the game on the 19 February.

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  • benja

    Stop teasing us guys! you know we already can’t wait 🙁

  • ROFLQuest

    Alright. We deserved this post after yesterday’s tease.

  • Hassan

    Oh Man…that game looks incredible..luckily i just pre-ordered mine last week. Too bad it is not coming in a Collector’s Item, i would have bought that as well. It will be an incredible February

  • Ryan

    good, i’m glad the game delivers with ALL the hype. Haze was an example of how “bad” things could be if the game didn’t deliver. I am a ps360 owner and purchase 90% of my games on the 360, however even as hesitant i was to shelling out $60.00 for a ps3 game, this makes me feel better about doing so.

  • ChrisWanker

    So… In your opinion, is this a system seller?

  • SRT4Chris

    Superb enemy AI but… not great partner AI. Weird…

    The same could be said for Halo 3’s partner AI, and don’t get me started Dom’s retarded ass on Gears 2. It would seem they put every once of processing power to make the game look and run good versus havin a usable AI partner. I’ve spent several boss fights with him just standing there. Partner AI is an after in games like these so don’t even bother commenting on them unless they actually reasonably compare to a human partner….

  • KZ2fan

    Sounds sick, i cant wait for this game already! and by “red things go boom” are you talking about the nuke?/giant arc tower? well neways im going to find out soon enough…

  • usuck

    guys please stop teasing……..