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Is Uncharted 2 the best game ever?

Is Uncharted 2 the best game ever?

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It’s that time again. A time in videogames that comes along once in a while when someone goes and shows the whole gaming world how to do it.

Naughty Dog has surpassed our expectations, itself and every other developer who has ever released a game with narrative, action and exploration in it with the release of Uncharted 2.

Don’t get me wrong – Naughty Dog hasn’t invented (or even reinvented) the wheel with Uncharted 2, it has just made the best wheel that’s ever been made. It’s a wheel that is so perfectly round, it makes all other wheels look square.

This has happened before: the first Tomb Raider pretty much laid down the template for a 3D exploration game, later Metal Gear Solid showed the world how to do story, character and a bit of action and, even later, Prince Of Persia on the PS2 combined narrative, exploration and action in an utterly compelling way. Uncharted 2 is better than any of these predecessors by, oh I’d say, a factor of ten, but it will also have an influence of games of all genres.

With it Naughty Dog has given us gamers a great – and I mean it in a very real sense of the word – few hours of gaming but more than that it has given the games industry a new standard and a new template to reach and follow. The whole medium has gone up one notch because of the release of Uncharted 2, and in years – or maybe even months – it’ll come to be recognised as one of the most important stepping stones for gaming not to be as profitable as Hollywood but to be as good and as respected as an art form.

There’s nothing particularly cerebral about Uncharted 2 – it’s certainly no Citizen Kane or Battleship Potemkin – but it does gaming perfectly. If you were to make a direct movie comparison it would be with Hitchcock’s North By North West. Like Uncharted 2, that film didn’t invent the thriller but it did do it superbly with a great story and set pieces that will live long in the memory. Just like Uncharted 2.

It’s hard to over-praise Uncharted 2. Its pacing is perfect. Its story is laugh-out-loud funny, the characters charming and, well, human. Its action is inventive and breathtaking throughout. It put a smile on my face for ten straight hours. If you haven’t played it already then I insist that you do – if you don’t you’ll miss out on one of the best and most important videogames ever made.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is out this Friday. You can read the full Play review here.

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  • KillStr33ker1337

    Yes. Its the best game ever made.

  • Bakasora

    I agree, but best game of this gen.

  • ot@ku

    is definitely the best looking game …. and tell me is the “Avatar” the best movie because ONLY does looks gr8???

  • Pazuzu

    WTF!? While I enjoyed Uncharted 2 it isn’t even the best game this gen, not even the best game on PS3. The comparison you make with North By North West is laughable, even pathetic. The “action” as you name it while above average definitely becomes repetitive half-way through. Characters “laugh out loud funny”? Sure, if you laugh at the crumbiest 2-dimensional “jokes”. Worse than all of this however it is the type of game guaranteed to be surpassed by its successor…TRUE great games are not so easily brushed aside.

  • Antcadan

    Yes, yes it is… until the 1st November 😉

  • Jim

    I like the story and pacing in the first Uncharted better.

    So… NO for me it was 8/10 (IMHO).

  • lisa93

    uncharted trilogy is the three best games i have ever played. i love nate and all the characters are amazing!

  • just-relax985

    Uncharted 2 : 96/100
    Uncharted 3 : 95/100
    Uncharted 1 : 92/100 i loved the scary facility

  • Seth

    Absolutely the best game ever made. Better that Uncharted 3 also- mainly because of the character development and storyline. Everyday I check Google for rumors of Uncharted 4. C’mon Naughty Dog!