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I just finished Killzone 2 and it’s…


I just finished writing my review of Killzone 2 for Play and I only wish I could paste the whole thing all over the internet for the world to read because… because… well, I can’t tell you exactly why. I can say that Killzone 2… surprised me. And I can give you a few intriguing, totally out of context quotes from the review…

“Very, very dangerous…”

“We get a special, fuzzy feeling…”

“…just didn’t feel quite right.”

“…we kinda love them for it.”

“So bad…”

“So exceptionally good…”

“…better than any other game we remember playing before.”

“…we hated it.”

So there you go – some very strong opinions, and a great many ellipses. But what exactly am I referring to in each quote? Is Killzone 2 exceptionally good? Or did we hate it? Or are these merely cunning red herrings? There’s only one way to find out – read the review in Play issue 176, which is on sale 19 February.

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  • benjamin

    lol wut? Come on guys,obviusly the game is good,but why the tease 😛

    I’ll be getting the game AND your mag day 1 however ;P

  • AA

    I was in the beta and i loved it ,,,,hopefully Single Player campaign is good aswell.

  • ROFLQuest

    i hate you.

  • Mark

    Deep inside, it’s “…better than any other game we remember playing before.”

    However because Microsoft pay our wages via advertising budgets, we are obliged to say “…we hated it.”

  • cell989

    WTF? nice way to be a C*** teaser.

  • Ha, some interesting stuff

  • Jinfinite

    Just fill in the blanks…..the last one is we hated the experience was over So Im guessing its a short game. Once again developers wasting time on flash and tech. Whats funny is that the only game Im playing right now is persona 4 on my 60 gig ps3

  • orakga


  • jip100

    Bloody good way to promote a review

    *Gives virtual Pay Rise*

  • EvGar

    yeah they liked it

  • Killzone 2 will pwn all…

  • juu

    …I hate u. :<

  • Oi face

    Lol.. funny. I’ll read your review… everyone else seems to hate it. F them 8D

  • That was one of the most pointless things I think I have read. We all know that you liked it, and the attemt to make this suspenseful was gross. Best word to use for what you did. It honestly made me feel sick. Im tempted to just go lay down.

    (This game was made for 6FU)


  • ric

    terrible way to market yourself..

  • sherbanow

    Hahahaha, man, orakga, that is amazing. I was thinking along the same lines and low and behold, I scroll down and see that little bit of hysterical exploitation.

    Thank you.

  • Mark H

    Nice tease for that i will avoid Play from now on, congratulations on a crap sales ploy.

  • ps3 king

    is there actualy any other proof of this artice or is it some 1 tryin 2 blag