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GTA IV Live Blog: Sixaxis woes

Eh?So this is the first entry in Play’s GTA IV live blog, which will be updated throughout the day with our opinion on Rockstar’s magnificent opus.

Contrary to convention lets kick off on a sour note shall we? The Sixaxis controls. Yep, Rockstar has saw fit to include motion controls in GTAIV. Now, my hatred for the Sixaxis isn’t as virulent as most other game journalists (in fact, I’m think I’m one of the very few who tolerated Lair), but I’ve just spent 10 sorry minutes with GTA IV’s Sixaxis tutorial, and it’s pretty abysmal. Get on a motorbike and you’ll spend about 80% of your time trying not to swerve left and right like an idiot. Boats aren’t so bad, and we managed to hit all our waypoints fairly easily. But then we had to take control of a helicopter, which was almost unplayable, we spent 5 minutes just trying to move forward.

So it seems even the mighty Rockstar can’t get the Sixaxis right. There just isn’t any reason why you would want to use motion control over analogue in GTAIV, so thank god you’ve got the choice!

More GTAIV instant reactions to follow (with added positivity!)

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