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GTA IV review online 29 April!

The headline says it all: Play’s GTA IV review will go live on the main Play website on the day GTA IV is released. Samuel is currently up at Rockstar playing the hell out of it to bring you the best review possible and you can read what he thought on the 29th. Gouranga!


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  • sonic

    can not you not give us a taste of the review i cant wait that long

  • Christopher Reynolds

    Well, due to crazy deadlines, Sam had to write all 8 pages in about 2 days. So in order to help him out I made him an insanely strong cup of coffee. Now, Sam hates coffee, so I had to make it as short as possible. I managed to fit 2 or 3 spoons of instant crap into about 10 or 11 tablespoons of water. It looked like hot mud. But he drank it down, stared at the floor for about 3 minutes, then wrote a brilliant review. So yeah, you’ll just have to wait til the 29th!