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GTA IV Live Blog: Relationships

Vladdy WaddySo we’ve just had our first date with a lady (in GTA IV that is). She’s called Michelle, she’s a bit neurotic, like things to be very clean, and says she very lonely…..sounds like a catch.

Firstly, we had to make sure Niko made a good impression and, on the recommendation of Roman’s girlfriend, we went to a clothes store and picked up some new threads (a rather fetching blue jeans/sneakers ensemble). The store was a bit of dump to be honest, and the eastern European assistant told us the sneakers were from Bulgaria (…..). Anyway we took Michelle to the bowling alley and played a rather enjoyable little 10 pin minigame, then we drove her back home. Michelle seemed to enjoy herself, despite looking like a monkey Niko obviously has some game.

Each relationship in GTAIV gives you unique benefits, but we’ve yet to find out what Michelle can do for Niko (other than… you know). Anyway, Roman is calling us now, he wants to take Niko to a strip club! This we got to see…

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