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GTA IV Live Blog: Liberty City

Sweet candyOk so it’s almost 4pm now, and I’ve been playing since around 10am, and each time I tear myself away from the game to write this blog, it feels like tearing off a limb – honestly, I just can’t stop playing.

GTA IV really is everything we hoped it would be, it’s a milestone in gaming. I’ve been enjoying every minute, but the game’s genius hit me just a few moments ago. I was driving to a Chinese take away to extort some money from the owner – at the behest of Vlad, who owns the taxi service Niko’s cousin works for. As I cruised through the streets of Liberty City bopping along to the smooth grooves of Miles Davis, the skies turned grey and then rain started hammering down. Pedestrians began running to escape the deluge, umbrellas went up, and before we knew it the thunderstorm had completely cleared the streets. Playing GTA IV is the closest you’ll ever get to experiencing the atmosphere of a big city in comfort of your own home. So much care and detail has gone into recreating the feel of New York. If you take a stroll through the park you’ll see pensioners doing their Tai-Chi exercises, walk along the pier and you’ll catch couples sitting on the bench smoking or eating ice creams. Sorry if this sounds pretentious, but Liberty City is like a homage to ‘big city life’, overflowing with urban atmosphere and spectacle.

Right, time to get back in!

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