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GTA IV Live Blog: In Cover

incover.jpgThere are rumblings, going around both the Internet and our office, that GTA IV’s cover system isn’t up to snuff. Obviously, ‘up to snuff’ is an exaggeration– people are just saying that it isn’t the best of its type, on the PS3.

I’ll admit, it’s nowhere near as tight as the gunplay in Uncharted, but GTA IV provides the kind of consistency and variety that no other game can match. Compared to something frivolous and throwaway, like Army Of Two (which still received 80%), GTA IV’s combat is as sound as a pound.

The only issue I have with the cover system is the blind fire, which I feel is slightly too effective; that’s it, though. We’re talking solid stuff, here. Compared to what came before, it’s more than a mild relief. Niko sticks to cover with ease. Even if you’re running, he’ll stick to the nearest, most useful surface available– considering the size of Liberty City, this is one hell of an achievement in design.incover2.jpg

The quality just keeps coming.


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