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GTA IV Live Blog: Hitting a Strip Joint with Roman

roman.jpgRoman likes titties– who doesn’t, right? Anyway, this means that GTA IV will take you to the seediest strip bar ever seen in a videogame. Since relationships are key in GTA IV, both in the short and long term, I knew I’d have to tackle this situation at some point.I wouldn’t mind looking at rendered breasts, were it not so embarrassing. We work in an office filled with women, however, and that means that looking over your shoulder is a priority, no matter what you’re doing.

When you’re hitting a pretend strip club, though, it feels like a new low. We get the sneaking suspicion that Rockstar, in all its wisdom, actually wanted us to feel this way.

Still, it’s pretty funny. Roman seems to enjoy it more than Niko, but this is his culture. Later today, I’ll ring him about going to a bar I found, called Yakov’s– Roman is easily the best drunk character in GTA IV.


Oh, and I just ran over three firefighters– my dad would be so proud.

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