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GTA IV Live Blog: Euphoria

Ooh lightingOne of the most immediate aspects of GTA IV is it’s amazing Euphoria physics engine. Walk into a pedestrian and they stumble realistically backwards, jump out of a moving car and watch as Niko spins and rolls along the tarmac. It really underscores that ‘next-gen’ feeling you get from playing the game – this is an experience that just couldn’t have been done on previous consoles.

Our best ‘Euphoria moment’ so far? Well we jacked a car, but the previous occupant wasn’t about to give up without a fight and grabbed hold of the door handle. We tried to shake him off but the nutter just wouldn’t let go, and we drove about a minute, dragging him along the road and leaving blood streaks in our wake. Eventually we crashed into another car and our unlucky passenger was crushed under the wheels, while the impact sent Niko head-first through the windscreen. Guys, you’re going to have an absolute blast playing this. Stay tuned for more updates.

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