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GTA IV: Best Gamer Eva!!!

So. I was lucky enough to play GTA IV this month. Don’t be jealous – you’ll be playing it soon enough.
First thing I can report is that it’s brilliant. Big surprise! As long as you don’t expect anything radically different from the GTA format, you’ll be bowled over by what Rockstar has achieved.
Graphically, it’s unsurpassed by anything else on next-gen consoles – the scale and detail of Liberty City is simply awesome. Gameplay-wise, Rockstar has reinvented various aspects of it and ‘fixed’ things we weren’t even aware needed fixing. In short, it’s refined to the point that it innovates in ways that will be copied by wannabes for years to come.
I also got to sample the multiplayer aspect of the game too, which I reckon will be as essential to play as the single-player game and will probably extend the life span by a good… well, 20-30 hours, at least.
So, best GTA game ever? That would be quite a difficult thing to achieve – personally I like San Andreas the best but other people would say Vice City, still more people would say GTA III. Either way, each game represents a significant benchmark in gaming, each one very difficult to surpass. That said, I’m convinced that GTA IV will achieve this – so much so that after playing it I went out and bought myself a new, bigger TV just to play it on. It’ll definitely, definitely be worth it.


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