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Everyone Shut Up About Licensed Games

Everyone Shut Up About Licensed Games


Lego Batman 2 is out, and somewhere, someone is writing a review with one of those dreary openings along the lines of ‘licensed games are historically bad’. (In fairness, we’ve all done it.)


But maybe we should all shut it about licensed games formerly being a bit guff, because A) it’s as obvious as the fact that humans need oxygen and B) licensed games are, in some instances, far, far better than they’ve been in the past.


In ye olden days, tie-ins and other licensed tat used to come almost exclusively in one form: the scrolling brawler, where Batman or Superman or Richard Gere from Pretty Woman would walk from left to right biffing more people than Joey Barton after 18 cans of Stella.


Now, licensed games are pretty awesome. As with every genre there are duffers floating around, but when developers like Traveller’s Tales are cranking out games like Lego Batman 2 it’s hard to make the old arguments against them.


They’re not the only ones doing good work either. By and large, High Moon Studios’ Transformers games have been good. The same studio’s Bourne game was enjoyable. The upcoming Spider-Man tie-in from Play’s favourite developer The Mighty Beenox is looking solid.


Oh yeah, and those Batman games were pretty special too.


It’s a brave new world out there: up is down, black is white, licensed games are good. Scary, we know.