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E3: You Lied To Us

E3: You Lied To Us

We’ve been sold a pup. E3 has filled our heads with lies: with a future that simply does not exist. What we’ve been shown – the Watch Dogs, the Medal Of Honor, the Dawnguard, the Star Wars 1313 – is all a lie.

Alright, so it exists, it’s not a lie in that sense. And the developers aren’t lying about the content. And basically they are telling the truth, as I probably have to point out on legal grounds.

But what you’ve seen of these games is not representative of what you will see when they’re released on PS3. Something close to it, sure. Something with under-the-hood tricks to give it the façade of looking as lovely and spiffy as these games look, of course. But you won’t be getting what you were shown, regardless of what they say.

Remember Battlefield 3 at E3 last year? How it was the most beautiful game ever made, with sand and particle effects and oh look the sun is bright? And how the finished game looked like a blurrier, not quite as fantastic version? It’s because it was demoed on PC.

These games were demoed on PC. Even when we’re told about them coming to PS3, they weren’t being shown on PS3. E3 has lied to us, and has tried to take us for fools. I’m not the only one to notice this.

Of course, PS3 exclusives likely don’t fall into this trap – but they are the exceptions. We fully expect The Last Of Us, Beyond: Two Souls and the rest of them to look exactly as they did in the videos shown.

But that doesn’t change the fact we’re being lied to. And it doesn’t take away from the inevitable disappointment felt by those who might not realise we’re being shown rather touched-up versions of games.

Of course, graffix int everyfin. It’s obligatory to point that out. But I don’t want to be shown something shiny and cool and awesome only to end up with something less shiny, less cool and less awesome come release day. That makes me think of a particular scene on Falling Down concerning false advertising.

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