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E3 2009 predictions

E3 2009 predictions


With E3 just around the corner, I thought that it would be a good time to go through what we expect to be at the show, from Sony’s perspective. I’ve arranged this post in a kind of ‘hot or not’ stylee but replaced ‘hot’ with ‘likely’ and ‘not’ with ‘unlikely’. You’ll get the idea.


Sony’s big games showcased


It almost goes without saying that Sony will be pushing its big 2009 games: Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2 and will also be pushing God Of War III, which we expect will be out early 2010. Probably March. Heavy Rain will be something playable, I think, and, likewise, so will Uncharted 2. Probably the newly announced multiplayer game. Should be awesome.

New PSP announced


This has been rumoured for a while now so I fully expect there to be a new PSP announced and showcased at E3. Rumours point to a sliding screen, internal flash memory, longer battery life and, most interestingly, it will lose the UMD drive; games will be downloaded from the PSP Store , stored on your PS3 or PC and transfered to the PSP memory via USB.

Mine’s better than yours!

The resurgent PSP, Japanese PS3 sales breaking the 3 million mark, the release of the best-looking game ever (Killzone 2), PS2 outselling the NES in Somalia… Sony has plenty to brag about this year. And there’s a lot of willy-waving that goes on at E3. Go on Sony, get your willy out!

New games… announced and confirmed


Slightly less likely will be the announcement/confirmation of several new games that we do/don’t know are coming to PS3. I’m thinking: Gran Turismo 5 (out this year, maybe?), a new Ratchet & Clank game (Insomniac has been working on something since it finished Resistance 2), something from Studio Liverpool (the makers of WipEout), and a ton of new stuff from Japan, especially new and interesting games for the Store.

The slimline PS3 announced and showcased

We predicted this might be at last year’s show and, after seeing all the leaks on the internet recently, it looks like we were a year ahead of ourselves. Expect a slim version of the PS3 to have all the functionality of its big brother but at a much more reasonable price point. We’ve been expecting a price cut for some time now but if a slimline PS3 was announced they would be no need. Out for Christmas 2009? Let’s wait and see.

New Team Ico game is announced


This is another rumour that has been around for over a year now and I reckon that it’s about time that we heard officially what Team Ico is up to. We know it’s working on a new project, and has been for some time now, but all we know (according to the rumours) is that it might be called Project Trico.

European Movie Store launched


This one’s in here more out of hope than anything else. At last year’s Leipzig, Sony said that the movie store would be up and running in Europe by Easter. It isn’t and we haven’t heard anything new. We can only assume that there have been licensing problems across Europe. Fingers crossed this is going to be sorted soon.


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