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Dude, where’s my Trophies?


So, I played about four hours of Modern Warfare 2’s single player campaign last night and loved nearly every minute of it. Especially the White House level – awesome. Oh, and that bit where you’re riding on the side of a chopper and land in the gulag – brill.

But anyway, I was having so much fun that I didn’t notice that not a single Trophy had popped up during my session. At first I figured that this was because I was playing on pussy level (Hardened) and not man level (Veteran) and that Trophies were only awarded to men or some such. But no!

A bit of digging around on the internet revealed that many people had suffered the same problem and it turns out that there’s an issue with the patch (1.01) that downloads immediately upon booting the game up. This, it seems, prevents the game from installing Trophies on your PS3 and, yes, makes it impossible to unlock them.

There is a fix, however, at least until Activision releases a new patch. If you’ve downloaded the patch, just delete the installed game data then boot the game again. Refuse the patch (press the O button) and start the game as normal. This will install the Trophies and you can on you merry way. Unfortunately these are not retroactive so if, like, me, you’re half way through the game you’ll have to start all over again to unlock your Trophies. Boo.

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  • Amon

    You don’t have to delete the save and start again. I ignored the lack of trophies and, after getting the ‘kill 3 guys with one grenade from grenade launcher’ trophy, they activated. I think it doesn’t register trophies until you get a kill-related one.