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DLC Is Not Inherently Evil

DLC Is Not Inherently Evil

Evil DLC, yesterday.

DLC has a bad rap, and we have to admit we’ve had a hand in encouraging this attitude towards it.

But it’s not all bad. DLC is not inherently evil. The mere fact it exists does not instantly indicate you should cry yourself raw at the injustices of the world of gaming. It’s an attitude we’ve seen popping up here and there and it’s something worth pointing out: DLC is not a bad thing in and of itself.

It’s true the likes of Capcom with its insane on-disc practices or need to charge us for things that used to cost the press of a button, or EA with its truly horrible Project $10 (now just known as the online pass, and blindly accepted by too many people) are rubbish. Verging on evil, even.

Alright, maybe not genuinely evil. But not great.

But there’s so much out there – Oblivion’s Shivering Isles expansion (don’t mention horse armour), GTA’s expansions, map packs that don’t cost £all (think more BF3 than MW3), the plentiful supply of free DLC – even the likes of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City gives those unlucky enough to have bought it a free extra campaign to download. There is good out there. A lot of it.

Even when things are a bit wonky – when you’re being charged a quid or two too much for new characters or a few missions that last an extra hour – there’s still no real hatred from us for it.

It’s just a distinction worth clarifying: there is evil DLC out there. There is the stuff that makes us laugh – LAUGH – so hard our lungs hurt at how utterly ridiculous it is and how real, actual, paying gamers feel the need to defend it.

On-disc DLC is a joke, and a bad one at that. Giving players three maps for £20, or thereabouts, is a joke. Charging money to play all of the single-player game should you happen to not be made of cash and want to pick up a second-hand copy of it, is a huge joke. Cash for costumes? Joke.

But does this make DLC inherently evil? No. No it does not. DLC is not evil by definition – it’s something developers can take advantage of; something that can extend the life of a game by a hell of a lot given it’s employed correctly. DLC can be a force for pure good in the world.

Then again, DLC can be pure evil.

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