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Did Sony ‘Win’ E3?

Did Sony ‘Win’ E3?

But who did win E3? Ah, wait, no – it doesn’t matter and is actually a stupid question.

Still, Sony did manage to – in the parlance of our times – ‘boss it’ something rotten. Aside from the rather extended discussion on Wonderbook: Book Of Spells, Sony just got on with it and showed us games.

As gamers, we tend to like games. Well, that logic holds if you don’t read forums at least.

So is it time to be excited? Has Sony gone BOOM and blown our minds and won E3 and changed gaming forever? Well, obviously not. But it has done some things – two things – right.

The Last Of Us took me by surprise. Firstly in how similar to Uncharted it initially seemed. Yes, it’s made by the studio that makes Uncharted, but you might still expect, as I did, the game to veer away from the established formula in order to stave off the onrushing internet hate.

But soon enough it didn’t matter, when you saw just a few of the elements. The fact Ellie stays out of the way, meaning she’s unlikely to be annoying. The contextual reactions to situations (running out of ammo, for example). The ohmyword violence, that seems to neither revel in or celebrate the fact you’ve just caved someone’s face in. Colour me impressed.

Then there was Beyond: Two Souls, aka ‘The Reason Ellie In The Last Of Us Doesn’t Look Like Ellen Page Anymore’. Even after watching the video of the game actually being played on Kotaku I have little to no idea what to expect. And you know what? Good. After seeing Call Of Duty 10,000 and its inability to turn anything on its head at all, I’m glad there’s something that confuses me a little bit, or confounds my expectations in some way.

Plus, you know, nice faces and stuff.

Then there’s Assassin’s Creed Vita, new God Of War, the fact PlayStation All-Stars Battle doesn’t look like total piss, Call Of Duty Vita being named, confirmed and all that and the magnificent update to PlayStation Plus.

Sony did good, just like Superman. But won E3? Nah.

That was “everyone’s a little bit gay” Ubisoft, clearly.

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