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Black Ops 2: This Is The Year The Bubble Bursts – Opinion

Black Ops 2: This Is The Year The Bubble Bursts – Opinion

Admittedly mo-capped horses might save it.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be the CODBLOPS to break the camel’s back, as far as I’m concerned. The series has reached tipping point; it has hit a plateau; the bubble is about to burst.

No series can maintain popularity indefinitely, unless it has a definite end in sight (see: Harry Potter, some other things I can’t think of). Why would Activision want to stop making COD games? It wouldn’t. Nobody can blame it for that – it is a business out to make money, and Call Of Duty makes it a metric feckton of cash.

But people get weary – they see it every year being wheeled out and they begin to get bored of it. Slowly but surely the interest wanes, the enthusiasm dies and, eventually, they stop giving a crap. And the change in setting and focus for Black Ops 2 won’t do anything to reinvigorate a jaded crowd.

For you see, Call Of Duty is a mainstream series. Before you start: that is not a criticism. It’s just what it is. Call Of Duty appeals to and sells to a huge, wide base of gamers, thus making it mainstream.

But what does the mainstream not really get on with? Sci-fi. And what is Black Ops 2? More sci-fi than the series has ever dared be before. And what happens when a game formerly focused on the Second World War, Vietnam War and unspecified modern conflicts decides to release a sci-fi version?

Well, Battlefield 2142 didn’t do too well. It wasn’t a failure by any means, but the series didn’t pick itself up again until Battlefield 3 was released some five years later. BF2142 burst the bubble because it was unfamiliar to regular players. Black Ops 2 is taking that very same risk.

Another issue Black Ops 2 is facing – which admittedly doesn’t matter as much to PS3 owners – is the fact there’s a certain other popular FPS sequel releasing the week before. Yes folks: Halo 4. It’s never done COD numbers, but it’s big enough – and this rogue fourth entry to the series is enough of an unexpected treat to those that love the games – that it will make a dent in Black Ops 2’s sales. It just will.

Do I think Black Ops 2 will be a failure? Absolutely not. But I do think this will be the year when things don’t go as well as they have, and Black Ops 2 will be the game that bursts the Call Of Duty bubble.

But hey, I might be wrong.

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  • David James Novack

    I actually like it’s chances, considering that the only thing in CoD that holds any interest after the campaign is zombies, this heavy focus on t is welcome to me.
    But for now I have to get back to Max Payne 3.

  • Tom

    I slightly agree, but I believe more that this game will do well and better than previous Cod’s… but I think it will be the last in line of success.

    MW4 seems to be on the tables and if it is, I will genuinely be pi**ed off. The MW series ended where it started, with Cod4, which most definitely had the best MP experience of any Cod released.

    The reason I think BOPS2 will outdo MW3, is because of Zombies. I think its going to supersede Multiplayer, despite how massive MP is. It’s become on of the biggest hypes and every player seems to be jumping on the bandwagon, claiming to be with the game mode from the begging.

    If MW4 gets announced I think the generations that have played COD up to now, will be fed up, but Activision know, what fuels there sales and boosts profit, is the 13-18 year olds. The amount of players in this demographic is unreal.