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Anyone Remember MAG?

Anyone Remember MAG?

Wait, what's this? MAG? Never heard of... ohhh yeah.


MAG – at one point the hilariously-titled Massive Action Game – was meant to be a game-changer. It was meant to bring online shooters to the next level; to make us all forget about our Modern Warfares and our Battlefields (even though we didn’t much care about our Battlefields when it came out). It promised much.

Head to your favourite search engine and type in “does anyone still play MAG?”. See how many results you get. Clue: you get a lot of results.

MAG is a game that captivated the gaming audience, at least on PS3 – and consoles in general – before it was released, and had a fair bit of interest when it came out. Despite a concerted effort on the part of Sony to make people care and play it more, MAG faded from memory within a few months.

‘Anyone’ does still play MAG. There’s still a community beavering away. But it’s a committed, dedicated and rather expert one. MAG is not a community for newcomers – but that doesn’t matter much because why would a newcomer bother with such a forgotten property? It could have been something different, but it wasn’t. This is what it is: forgotten in the mainstream; kept alive by the faithful.

Should we mourn it? The faithful will decry this, but then they would: no, we should not mourn it. MAG was a vaguely interesting idea carried out in a workmanlike fashion and with some promises not quite lived up to. 256-player matches were effectively split up into 64-player matches separated from each other on the same map. That’s not quite 256 players all shooting the crap out of each other at the same time – not really.

Then there was the fact it did so little to capture the imagination. It’s so straightforward. So bland. Something like Homefront offers a more interesting online mode, and Homefront is a bit of a running joke in gaming circles. COD and Battlefield are masters of the craft. There’s no need to bother with MAG, aside from the strong community supporting it. But even that has been emulated by the big boys.

So what selling points does it have left? It’s cheap. It’s functional. It’s supported and still played. But it’s just not that great a game. It’s not worth bothering with. The masses don’t remember MAG because MAG just isn’t worth remembering.

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  • SunnyBoy

    I didnt like MAG at all, it was too damn confusing for me as I never understood the game modes. I also didnt like how you have to stick to one faction, getting into game took ages and the updates were too much to handle. Im still holding onto my copy and do hope to give it another chance sometime because there were some things I liked about it.

    I really went crazy about MAG when I first heard about it, but I dont think Zipper did the game justice, maybe it should have been developed by more competent developer. If theres anything that can possibly save MAG is to make it Free to Play like Killzone 3.

  • Rhys

    Y’know it’s funny, if you type in ‘Play Mag’ into Google (in order to find this glorious website), you get a load of results on the subject ‘Anyone still play MAG?’.

  • I still play MAG, a lot in fact. I would agree yeah it was quickly forgotten about but it’s far more of a tactical game than other shooters. Something where working as a squad (usually as a clan) really shines. I don’t agree however that it is a purely expert community, whilst there are a large amount of elite players, there still remains a good portion of newcomers and semis. It’s easy to play but can be a bit overwhelming

  • Johnny Threash

    Disagree completely. This article makes me wonder if you’ve ever even played mag. I can say with 100% confidence that every mag player has played or owns battle field and or COD and we all still prefer mag any day of the week.

    At this point the mag community knows what we have and its brilliant. More life like than any random spawn or small map fps you’re playing right now. We’ve tried to argue with all yhe battle field and COD brainwashed fan biys but it comes down to this: mag is a much older and mature crowd than COD or battle field players… For the mos part. We’re wiser we’ve played everything and this is the best. If you don’t get it by now then you just don’t get it. Nuff said.

  • anon

    What a load of trollop , get over yourself , plenty worse games over the years, mag was ok, still is . Better than being hacked to death to the point of unplayable , and definately better small community that doesn’t thrive on cheating little children that ruin a multiplayer experiance. You stick to cod and childish epic crap , and others will stick to adult orientated tactile gaming

  • Ian Dransfield

    Haha, “tactile”. Brilliant.

  • TF

    MAG is the best. 128v128 is truly that. is any game gonna come close to these numbers soon? The question shoild be why do people still play COD? does it even support 32 people yet?

  • Lilpeacedoe

    Planetside 2 when the ps4 comes out. 1000vs1000