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Play brand reach

Play is a truly multimedia brand available worldwide in printed, online and digital forms, including iPad, Android tablets, desktop PCs, and an active number of social networking channels, including Facebook and Twitter. It also has a large number of registered website users and subscribers to its regular email newsletter.

Play total print and digital reach - 54,260




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Play brand values

Synonymous with the PlayStation phenomenon, Play has provided an unrivalled experience for Sony gamers since 1995. Cool, sleek and constantly evolving, Play is an elite brand that automatically commands the respect of gamers across the world. Since its inception it has influenced myriad buying decisions with supreme consumer advice and unprecedented access. There have been many pretenders, but only ever one Play.

Brand values

  • Synonymous with PlayStation – a paragon of excellence
  • Powerful influencer on industry for over a decade
  • Well-respected, authoritative and trusted

Play audience profile

Play's key audience profile is 95% male, aged 18-30 Its key target groups are: Play Loyalists A generation has grown up with Play. It’s been in their school bag, in their halls, on their coffee tables and downloaded onto their iPads. To this audience, Play isn’t just a brand, it’s family. PS3 Fanatics Play has won the respect of the hardcore gamer, the PS3 devotee who is always online, who chases the top spot on the leaderboard and evangelises about his feats on forums and social networks. He lives gaming, he loves Playstation, he needs Play. Sony Lifestylers Play enjoys a relationship with audiences who thrive in Sony’s sphere. They wear Sony headphones and crave the latest Bravias, talk on Sony Ericssons and collect Blu-rays. They belong to Sony and use Play as their manual.